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Design Tips for a Comfortable and Accessible Home You Must Know!

Frustrated! It is exactly how you feel when arriving home. The kitchen counter is too high, the bathroom isn’t spacious enough, and there are too many stairs to climb. This is the reality for many people living in traditional homes. But it doesn’t have to be your story. 

Welcome to our guide on designing homes for long-term comfort and accessibility, where we dive into ways to create a space that evolves with you.


Practical Tips for Accessible Homes

What does it mean to design for long-term comfort and accessibility? It means having a comfy, practical, and safe home, regardless of age or physical condition. 

Creating spaces like this can boost property value, enhance quality of life, and bring peace of mind. So, keep these tips in mind when you’re looking to improve your home: 


Accessibility Features: Ease of Use Matters

Add ramps for wheelchair access; lever door handles for easy opening and lower countertops for easy reach. A residential contractor experienced in home remodeling can help guide you through these alterations.


Adjustable Features: Flexibility is Key

Don’t forget about adjustable features like cabinets you can move around or sinks you can adjust height. Each of these setups can really up the comfort level in your home. Plus, they are a great way to make spaces work perfectly for your needs. 


Open Floor Plan: Room to Breathe

Consider going for an open floor plan for your property. It’s a popular choice in many home remodeling projects as it makes moving around a breeze and can adapt to your lifestyle changes.


Slip-Resistant Flooring: Safety First

Applying slip-resistant flooring is a must, especially in busy spots and places that get wet, like bathrooms and kitchens. This is because materials with textures or non-slip coatings can stop accidents and injuries, giving you peace of mind at home.


Start Creating a Home that Grows with You


Do you dream of a home that’s always cozy for you and your partner? Tired of squeezing into cluttered spaces constantly? If that sounds like you, don’t worry! We at Epik Design & Build know that no one deserves a house that doesn’t fit their needs. For that reason, we want to offer our home remodeling services.

Dozens of clients have already transformed their homes into spaces they love and can live comfortably in with our help. So, your journey towards an accessible home can start here, with us, your trusted residential contractor. Contact us today! 



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