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So, you’re about to start working from home. It’s an exciting change, but you’re facing a challenge – you need a place to work but lack the space to make it happen. Trying to figure out where to fit a desk in a room can feel frustrating. No one should have to juggle their personal and professional life in the same space. 

At Epik Design & Build, we’d love to help you enjoy a new space that suits your needs with our home addition services. Our work has been featured in Ladue News, a long-standing newspaper in St. Louis, MO, so you can trust in our impressive work that has impressed the community before.

Why Choose Epik to Expand Your Home

Attention to Every Detail

Our approach to home additions is thorough, making sure we think of every detail. With our trusted design-build method, we'll walk you through each step, from the initial consultation to the final walkthrough. In other words, you'll never feel lost when working with our team.


Respect for Your Schedule

We understand that time is of the essence, especially when you're eager to start working from your new home office. Our team of experienced residential contractors sticks to specific design and construction timelines, ensuring you get your new spaces right on time.


Designed with You in Mind

Your new space should reflect your needs. Whether you need a quiet corner for focused work or a spacious room for video conferences, you'll get to enjoy home additions that feel just right for you once the work is done.

Remodeled, new kitchen

Simple Steps for Great New Spaces

Ready to expand your home in exciting ways? Then, start working with us today: 

  1. Contact us via phone or online form to share your needs. 
  2. Receive customized design and construction plans from our team. 
  3. See as your home changes for the better with the help of our team. 

Epik Design & Build is Ready to Help You Out

Working from your dining table or couch is far from ideal. It’s hard to focus, and the lines between work and personal life can blur. But imagine having a dedicated workspace in your home, perfectly designed to suit your needs. That’s the power of well-planned home additions

With Epik Design & Build, you can transform your home in St. Louis, MO, and enhance your remote work experience. So, reach out to our team today, and let’s work on getting you the brand-new space you’ve been dreaming of. 

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