Home Additions in St. Peters, MO

You’re a collector with a passion growing faster than your available space at home. The lack of room is starting to cramp your style. It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Nobody should have to limit their hobbies due to space constraints. 

At Epik Design & Build, a remodeling and renovation company, we feel the pain of people like you. That’s why we’ve been creating home additions for dozens of them in St. Peters, MO. Everyone deserves a space to enjoy their favorite pastimes. Why not let us help you create yours?

Working with Us is a Smart Choice

Choosing the right residential contractor is important when it comes to home additions. And that’s where Epik Design & Build comes in.

New Spaces in Due Time

We understand your excitement to make the most of your new space. That's why we stick to a set timeline, so you can start enjoying your new addition as soon as possible.


A Complete Process for You

OAs your residential contractor, we follow a detailed process that takes you from preliminary concepts and designs to a final walk-through. In this way, we always keep you informed on how everything is going for your convenience and peace of mind.


Expanding Spaces, Expanding Possibilities

Our designers team up with you to craft a space that suits your needs. So, whether it's for your collector hobby or anything else, rest assured you'll have the perfect new space to indulge in your passions.

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Epik Design & Build is Here to Help You Out

Don’t worry about giving up your hobbies because of limited space. In fact, you can indulge your interests to the fullest with a home addition by Epik Design & Build. Follow these steps to start getting our service: 

  1. First, reach out to us to discuss your home addition needs. You can do so by phone or online form. 
  2. Then, collaborate with our team to design a space that reflects your unique style.
  3. Finally, sit back and watch as your home expands to fit your hobbies easily. Yes, it is that simple with us! 


Small spaces will no longer affect your hobbies in St. Peters, MO when working with us. So, contact us today. 

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